The 8 Steps to Fertility is based on the integrative medicine practice of Dr. Ann Y. Wang. Dr. Wang specializes in infertility treatments through acupuncture and oriental medicine. This fertility program was created upon 30 years of experience in treating infertility through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). If you have been searching for help you have come to the right place Use this website as a guide toward achieving a successful pregnancy. Follow this path of fertility which combines the wisdom of both the Eastern and Western worlds. Throughout this website you will find detailed information on each step towards fertility, the herbal formulas, stories of success, additional resources and the opportunity to set up your own appointment! 

The 8 Steps

Step 1

Stop birth control contraceptives and any medications that might effect fertility


Step 2

Implement a healthy lifestyle which will be beneficial to fertility


Step 3

Check your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart to learn the pattern of your cycle


Step 4

Understand your constitutional pattern


Step 5

Install a peaceful mind


Step 6

Preparation of quality of sperm


Step 7

Follow the Three Phase Integrative Approach steps

Step 8
Maintain a successful pregnancy